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8Looks can be deceptive and in the case of Dr Farida Al-Habib, this certainly holds true. Immaculately turned out, well- groomed with every hair in place, Dr Al- Habib could easily pass off as the editor of a social glossy, but her concerns are far more serious. One of the leading cardiologists in Kuwait, she has made a place for herself among the top medical professionals in the world by heading several global bodies, by presenting various studies of the human heart to international medical journals and conferences and by showing relentless commitment to her patients.
The only woman among five Kuwaiti cardiologists in Kuwait, Dr Farida Al- Habib’s clinic is very unlike a doctor’s chamber, with ornate paintings, dated wooden furniture breathing opulence. But the welcome is unmistakable. It is warm and inviting, dispelling feelings of fear which may at times accompany maladies of the heart.

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